What We Do

The Management Committee determines the plans for each year.

The main event is the Annual Reunion held each September. Click here for the Invitation and Booking form for the Annual Reunion 2018.

In addition to the Annual Reunion, the Association’s members, and volunteers, undertake various projects and activities throughout the year including:.

  • Selling the book “From Central to Hunter ….the story of a School 1923-1975”.  Click here to get a copy of the From Central to Hunter book
  • Giving of Student Prizes
  • Maintain the Commemorative Installation at Newcastle High School
  • Donations
  • Installation and maintenance of a Memorabilia Cupboard at Newcastle High School
  • Community Outreach  e.g. choir performances at hospitals and Aged Care facilities
  • Choir activities.

If you are interested in being involved with any of the activities or wish to join the Choir, please send an email with your contact details to  centraltohunter@gmail.com